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Learn About All the Benefits of Installing Asphalt Shingle Roofing

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Benefits of Installing Asphalt Shingle Roofing—JRR Classic Construction LLC

Roofs come in a lot of types and materials. Some are steeped, while others are low-sloped or even flat. In terms of materials, you can use asphalt shingles, aluminum, tiles, and more. Now, you probably know that asphalt roof shingles are among the most commonly used roofing materials in the country. So, today we decided to write about the benefits of installing asphalt shingle roofing.

Whether you want it for your home or business, there are many ways shingles can be a great choice. However, you definitely need an expert to handle the job to ensure appealing, lasting, and affordable results.

That’s why JRR Classic Construction LLC is here for! We have been serving Terrell TX and other cities located within 70 miles around for more than 16 years.

Here, we count with a professional crew ready to provide top-quality asphalt roofing installation services.

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So, let’s learn about all the benefits of installing asphalt shingle roofing. This is an amazing option for your upcoming project!

Benefits of Installing Asphalt Shingle Roofing: What Makes It So Special?

Asphalt is the most popular roof material for installers and homeowners alike. However, besides their affordable price, there are many other qualities for which they’re highly used. After all, so many roofers and customers can’t be wrong, right? So, why should I get asphalt roofing shingles now?

They Look Amazing and Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Installation of Asphalt Shingles—JRR Classic Construction LLCOne of the benefits of installing asphalt shingle roofing is that it looks beautiful in virtually any home. Asphalt shingles have an outstanding appeal; no one can deny that. Basically, it’s one of the most attractive materials for two main reasons:

A Wide Array of Colors:

Shingles come in several colors. For example, you can get the good-old black shingles, or you can choose between different shades of red, blue, gray, and more! The idea is that you can combine the shingles with your home design.

There are many colors to choose, indeed! So, get the perfect design according to your fine tastes.

Design Versatility:

Asphalt Shingles offer Great Design Versatility—JRR Classic Construction LLCDesign versatility is also part of the benefits of installing asphalt shingle roofing.

In fact, there are two main types of shingles: three-tab shingles and architectural.

Three-tab asphalt shingles are almost a landmark of the American home. By far, they’re the most common. In this type, each shingle has cutouts or tabs, which make it look it was made of 3 different pieces. Also, they’re highly economical.

On the other hand, architectural shingles have an extra asphalt layer in their lower part. This additional layer creates a dimensional look that looks beyond amazing. In addition, they’re more durable than three-tab shingles. So, it’s no surprise that they cost more.

Finally, in some cases, you can’t even know if it’s asphalt what you’re looking at. Nowadays, manufacturers do an amazing job at mimicking other materials.

So, if you want your asphalt roofing shingles to look like cedar or slate, you can have it! Therefore they’re a fantastic choice no matter what type of house you have.

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